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Will HUSH Return In The Pages Of ‘Batman Eternal’ Next Month?

Will HUSH Return In The Pages Of ‘Batman Eternal’ Next Month?

Hush is undoubtedly one of the biggest villains to be introduced into the Batman mythos since the turn of the century. Since he debuted in the story arc of the same name, he hasn’t appeared very often. Though when he does, you know that something is about to hit the fan. Dr. Thomas Elliot isn’t just any villain – he’s the scheming, “big picture” type.

Ever since his last appearance in the arc…

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DKN Picks The Top 5 Animated Batman Movies

DKN Picks The Top 5 Animated Batman Movies

If you’ve been following our Top 5 articles that celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary here at DKN, you probably assumed that our next logical choice would be an article devoted to Beware The Batman. We will eventually cover that show when it finishes its run this fall. Today, we are picking the Top 5 animated Batman movies.

While animated Batman movies may not be as well known to casual…

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'Gotham: The Legend Reborn' Behind the Scenes Preview Will Get You Excited for the Show

‘Gotham: The Legend Reborn’ Behind the Scenes Preview Will Get You Excited for the Show

For the most part, I’ve been uneasy about Fox’s new crime drama, Gotham. It’s mostly due to the fact that their it’s developer and executive producer Bruno Heller doesn’t like costumed superheroes.

So you best believe that I was hesitate to view this 20-minute behind the scenes special that recently aired, but I have to say that it sold me. Some of the dialogue is a little shaky and the…

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“This Week on the ‘BvS’ Set” is a new recurring column that attempts to catch you up on the ongoings on the set of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, permitting anything interesting actually happens on the set.

Woah! I thought last week was busy. That was all child’s play compared to this week. I’ve got a lot to cover, so hit that massive spoiler warning.


Rather than bury the lead, let me just cut to the chase. As the headline suggests, Supes himself landed on set, which means Henry Cavill in costume as the Man of Steel appeared on set to shoot some scenes.

At first, he appeared in a dark robe in the very poor attempt to obscure the costume, courtesy of Just Jared.

The next day, a photo surfaced. I suppose Cavill lost all sense of modesty and decided to put the costume on display. MTV snapped a shot of the new costume. It’s much brighter than the muted costume from the previous flick.


Remember Scoot McNairy enjoying a sandwich last week? Well, he’s back with some particularly interesting attire. On his legs.


This time, McNairy was caught on set enjoying a cigarette and wearing bright green leggings. Lots of folks are speculating that these green screen leggings are meant to CGI the Flash’s running animation.  As it stands, McNairy’s role remains undisclosed and considering that Geoff Johns has declared the TV universe completely separate from the movie universe, there is a distinct possibility that McNairy could be our cinematic Flash, but that’s all speculation. My thoughts? I don’t believe he’s the Flash. Photos courtesy of Twitter user treinman.

And lastly, we’ve got some more first appearances coming up. Back in April, Holly Hunter and Tao Okamoto were added to the cast in roles that have yet to be disclosed. Though the crew is currently shooting inside a building, the eagled-eyed Bananadoc managed to capture them coming out of the building.

Holly Hunter enjoying her cigarette and having the presence of mind to turn her head.


And Tao Okamoto trying to keep her hair from flying away?


Their appearances doesn’t give us any hints whatsoever. It’s still nice to see them on set, isn’t it? The folks at the Latino Review took a guess that Holly Hunter may be playing a character similar to Leslie Thompkins, a close confidante of Bruce Wayne. I’ve heard rumblings that Okamoto could be playing a Mercy Graves, but that’s just another salty rumor. But you wouldn’t be able to tell from these images.

Too much for you to sift through yourself, right? Aren’t you glad that I have this column to neatly summarize it all for you? Convenience and journalism is the name of my game.

That’s all for today, folks.

If you’re in the Detroit area and happen to catch something interesting (and are a wonderful person), please drop us a line over here or over at Facebook.

Source - Just Jared, MTV, Twitter user treinman, Bananadoc


This Week on the ‘BvS’ Set: It’s Superman! And Others! “This Week on the ‘BvS’ Set” is a new recurring column that attempts to catch you up on the ongoings on the set of 
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