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Rumor: Batman Arkham Knight Delayed until 2015?

Rumor: Batman Arkham Knight Delayed until 2015?

At this weekend’s DC All Access Panel, there are conflicting reports regarding the release date of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight.

This weekend at WonderCon, DC had their All Access Panel. The event was packed to capacity and generally a fair amount of reverie was had all-around. A few reports regarding the panel have started surfacing. One of which, from BleedingCool, claims that…

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Son of Batman WonderCon Premiere - Fan Incites Awkwardness Question

Son of Batman WonderCon Premiere – Fan Incites Awkwardness Question

DC’s next animated feature, Son of Batman premiered this weekend to the attendees of WonderCon.

DC’s presence at this year’s WonderCon was obvious. People are still reporting on the events of the 75th anniversary Batman panel and of course, the Son of Batmanpremiere. And this is where our news comes from today. The premiere seemed to go off without a hitch. However, it was in the Q&A with the…

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Darwyn Cooke’s Full ‘Batman Beyond’ Short

Darwyn Cooke’s Full ‘Batman Beyond’ Short

Hot on  the heels of Bruce Timm’s Batman: Strange Days, comes Darwyn Cooke’s delightful Batman Beyond short that also observes Batman’s 75th Anniversary. When it comes to observing a character’s full history, I still prefer Zack Snyder and Timm’s Superman short from last year, but the final seconds of this baby will definitely put a smile on your face if you’re in need of nostalgia. You will also…

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First Image of Batman vs Superman ?

First Image of Batman vs Superman ?

Is this the first set image of the much anticipated 2016 motion picture blockbuster Batman vs Superman? The cinematographer of the film Larry Fong uploaded the image in this article onto his twitter feed. The image is clearly focused on the camera itself, however if you look to the right of the picture who are the people in the blurred out section of the photo? Thats the question we are focused…

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